Watch Kiwi artist Pieter T's new PUMA Perspective video

You may have already heard of New Zealand artist PT (also known as Pieter T), as for the majority of this year, he's casually been sitting at #1 on the NZ music charts. His single 'Come with Me' absolutely blew up and swiftly made us want to know more about this new Kiwi musician.

PUMA, who happen to be currently killing it with their collaborations (did someone say Rihanna?), teamed up with PT for a PUMA perspective piece in which the muso gave a snippet of his everyday life, his feelings towards his career, the music industry, and the world in general. 

Check out the video below and some of the images from PT's PUMA shoot. 



A photo posted by PT (@ptfromnz) on



A photo posted by PT (@ptfromnz) on