Sarah Jessica Parker just dropped a huge 'Sex and the City' bomb

Sex and the City, had us dreaming of an ideal life like Carrie Bradshaw’s, living in New York City with a perfect, overflowing closet and a group of amazing BFFs, but was it all too good to be true?

We’re about to drop the bomb, that the face of Carrie, Sarah Jessica Parker, thinks so.

SJP told Nerdist that she suspected her dream squad, consisting of Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, weren’t, in fact, real characters and were simply a part of Carrie's imagination, made up for her weekly newspaper column.

Mind blown. 

Stating that “they’re such perfectly archetypal characters”, SJP went on to say she wasn’t “entirely sure they are actually real”, shocking die-hard Sex and the City fans. 

The theory was backed up by Sex and the City's fan Instagram account too, proving even die-hard fans don't think SJP has totally lost the plot.

Could it be?! Time for a SATC marathon we think, just for fact-checking purposes, of course.