Not naked, but definitely famous

Coming off the back of impressive performances at Coachella and Austin City Limits, it was obvious that Kiwi sweethearts The Naked and Famous were stoked to be home.

As part of their Simple Forms world tour, TNAF put on an all-ages free concert at Auckland’s Logan Campbell Centre last week, and they did not disappoint.

The five-piece group consists of Alisa Xayalith on vocals, Thom Powers on vocals and guitar, Jesse Wood on drums, David Beadle on Bass and Aaron Short on keyboards. The Indie electronic band smashed out a mix of 15 songs off their four albums and never failed to sound as clear and powerful live as they do in their recordings – a rare feat for many bands.

‘Higher’ electrified the audience, keeping them bobbing their heads until the sultry Thom Powers strutted on stage to take the lead on ‘Girls Like You’.

The ever-sweet Alisa bantered with the audience, explaining her joy of finally being back on home soil, something the band aims to do at least once a year. She dominated the stage rocking her usual pixie cut and paraded around in a chic red cape.

Finally, it was time for the single that’s been a summer anthem since 2010, ‘Young Blood’. The crowd was ready even before they played the first note and belted the chorus in unison.

With equal parts electrifying lighting and soulful vocals, the exclusive performance by TNAF was truly theatrical, the perfect homecoming for these seasoned professionals.

Photos courtesy of @tnaf Instagram