A new Pretty Little Liars series is about to be released

Two of our favourite Pretty Little Liars will be back on the silver screen sooner than we thought - with a spin-off of the hit TV series in the works! 

Although we won't be seeing the return of all the PLL protagonists, we will be graced with the appearance of both Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis) and Janel Parish (Mona Vanderwaal), in the next installment of lies, secrets and murder. 

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, will be based on another novel of the same name, penned by PLL author, Sara Shepard.

Set in the town of Beacon Heights, the story-line follows two of our favourite, high maintenance girls, who attend a top-tier college filled with overachieving students. Much like it's predecessor, mayhem ensues as the two girls find themselves in yet another sticky situation. 

It has been commented that Pieterse will play the main character, whose unstable history (which we explored in PLL), insinuates that all may not be as rosy as it seems. However, on knowing her inner turmoil, we can't help but feel that we'll empathise with her if she happens to be the one to lash out.  

Overlooked by PLL show-runner Marlene King, we're sure to be in for a turbulent ride come its release which has yet to be confirmed.

As the official synopsis for the show poignantly says; "behind every Perfectionist is a secret, a lie, and a needed alibi".

While we wait with baited breath for further details on what we're assuming will be our next Netflix obsession, we'll be reaching for the paper version instead! 


Photo credits: Tv.com, CNN.com