Check out Katy Perry's post-break up hairdo!

Nothing says #newphonewhodis like a full post-breakup makeover. It happens to the best of us - a change in hair colour, a too-cool-to-care tattoo, a new piercing... or chopping our locks off- which is exactly what Katy Perry did! As if she wasn't bad ass enough, Miss Perry now has the hair-do to prove it. Her recent post on Instagram shows her rocking a new platinum blonde, pixie-cut for all eyes to see.



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After one year, the couple, who were first spotted at the Golden Globes in January 2016,  recently called it quits.

Although they allegedly broke up back in November last year, it took more than four months for a statement to arise from both Katy and Orlando's reps that the two had officially gone their separate ways. However, their reps stated that the space between them was 'loving.' Katy's recent tweet proves just that - saying you can still be friends and love your former partners. 

We're super glad their break-up wasn't one of the messy kind and only resulted in Katy Perry sporting a new hairstyle we totally dig!

Image Credits: Glamour