The Gaga music videos that continue to WOW us

If there's one thing we've come to expect from Gaga's music videos, it's that we can expect the unexpected. Outrageous, outlandish, and spiced with imagination, Mother Monster's vids are a spectacle worthy of the silver screen. 

From parading around in an out-of-this world green sequinned ensemble to rolling Coke cans in her hair while roaming the prison halls, Gaga is anything but shy when it comes to fashion. 

In celebration of her 31st birthday, we take a look back at her five most experimental fashion moments from her music videos - ones that broke as many boundaries in the fashion world as much as they did the music world. 

Bad Romance
Not only was Gaga's top-to-toe sequined ensemble worthy of her boarding a spaceship, but it paid homage to late designer Alexander McQueen, who designed the look especially for Gaga. Shimmering from head to toe, the pop queen teetered on gravity-defying heels while belting out lyrics to her 2009 hit, 'Bad Romance'.

Lady Gaga bad romance

Born This Way 
Androgynous dressing may not be new for us, but back in 2011 when hit song 'Born This Way' hit the airwaves, spotting a woman in a power suit was a lot less common. Donning a luscious, mermaid pink ponytail, painted skull on her face and tuxedo, Gaga made a case for adding a stylish suit to our wardrobes.


You and I 
Another incredible track to be released in 2011, this fashion chameleon continued to wow us in her 'You and I' music video. Chainsmoking atop a piano, Gaga morphed into 'Jo' - a Grease-inspired looking character who rocked back and forth to the beat while a superimposed Gaga played below him. A performance artist in her own right, she even slicked back her hair and stuck out her chin like the brawny type of guy she was channeling. 


Take some elaborate costumes, add dynamic storyline, and mix in a whole heap of Beyonce singing on the track - 'Telephone' was always going to be one of Gaga's biggest hits. The collab was a first for the duo, and had everyone chomping at the bit for the release of their music video. Obviously, it didn't disappoint. A fully studded biker jacket, along with matching bra and underwear, has us dreaming of her body confidence, not to mention her badass Coke can hairdo. 


Happy birthday, Mother Monster!

Header image: Harper's Bazaar