Inside Instagram's bizzare slime obsession

From the brunches to the baby animals, flat-lays, dreamy travel destinations and fitspo icons - there's always aesthetic objects aplenty vying for our attention and lust on Instagram. But a humble new contender is surging to popularity and gaining followers by the hundreds of thousands: squishy, squelchy, squeezable, slime.

On the innumerable slime-instagramming accounts run by "slimers" across the globe, you'll find mesmerizing videos and Boomerangs of gooey objects in all shades and styles. Glittery slime, translucent slime, incandescent, bubbly, many-coloured or topped with sprinkles - you name it, they've concocted it. Some slimers upload and sell their greatest creations to followers, while others divulge their recipes for all the world to enjoy.


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Instagram's attraction to this malleable substance is somewhat difficult to explain. But whether it's the tactile relaxation, the alluring colours and textures, or the fond memories of primary school science projects, the success of slime is undeniable, with over 3.1 million pictures now bearing the hashtag #slime.

Enticed to join the slime craze? It's easy to create your own, personalized piece of goo! Check out our simple slime recipe below.


  • 1 cup white school glue (grab it at your local stationary shop or here)
  • 3 cups shaving cream
  • 5 tablespoons contact lens solution
  • Glitter
  • Food colouring of your choice


  1. Combine glue, food colouring and glitter in a large bowl
  2. Slowly add the shaving cream whilst stirring slowly with a spatula, until the mixture is thick and puffy
  3. Add the contact lens solution a little bit at a time, continuing to stir.
  4. Once the slime is no longer sticky, consistent and there are no liquid parts left, get your hands in and start kneading.
  5. Add more of any ingredient if needed or desired
  6. Voila! Entertainment for hours.