In Conversation with Martin Garrix Music Academy creatives, Honey for Jupiter & Fable

When audio brand JBL put a call out for aspiring artists to enter a competition that secures them one of 40 spots in the highly anticipated JBL and Martin Garrix Music Academy, little did Tegen (Honey for Jupiter) and Payton (Fable) know that they’d be chosen. Created to celebrate and foster new music talent around the world, the JBL and Martin Garrix Music Academy launched in December 2022 and takes place at STMPD RCRDS. Over four days, artists would learn a range of skills from writing to mixing; PR to social media with experts from across the industry. We were lucky enough to speak to the winners about their experience jet-setting across the world to Amsterdam, working with a trailblazer and experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

You both had the incredible opportunity to work with a pioneer in the music industry and JBL ambassador, Martin Garrix. How was that experience as a whole? 

P: It was very inspiring. We got a lot of insight from industry experts, from branding and social media to production. One of my biggest takeaways from the trip was connecting with the other artists. By the end of it, we were one big global family, and Aotearoa was right in the thick of it.

T: Marty G! It was incredible to meet Martin & to have him as a mentor figure at the academy. It was interesting to hear his process when making music - I felt that I resonated with his intuitive approach which underlined his creative process. Hearing Martin speak about his creative experiences also reaffirmed that I always want to make music & would love to pursue a career in the industry!

What were some of the biggest lessons you learnt in Amsterdam, music-related or not? 

P: My biggest lesson learnt for me was reframing my mindset towards social media. Things don't have to be perfect. Put things up and share your art. Social media is another tool to share the things you're passionate about, so go hard and have fun with it.

T: The academy provided lots of music & industry-related knowledge which was cool to take away. I think one of the main lessons I learned from the experience as a whole was to back myself & my vision as an artist. I’m a small independent artist so I was worried going into it that I would have some kind of imposter syndrome but when I was there I felt so welcomed & valued it overruled any anxiety I had. It was cool to share my vision with others & to build on it whilst I was at the academy.

You were at the JBL Workshop with talent from all over the world. Was there any opportunity to bring your Kiwi culture into your experience?

P: Yes! I was able to share and incorporate te ao Māori into the collaborations, which was very exciting!

T: Fable and myself had the opportunity to teach some Kiwi slang to everyone! In terms of music, NZ has such a wealth of musical talent & it was cool to share some of my favourite Kiwi artists with others!

We’re looking forward to seeing what is in store for you both in future! Is there anything in the works at the moment? 

P: I have a few singles in the works, building up to the project. The first single is out Friday 19th! 

T: I’ve got a new project I’ve been working on, called ‘2 help u sle3p’, which consists of visuals & an acoustic style mixtape. I also have a single dropping in the near future so keep a watchful eye… and as always, I’m working on a bunch of things from my bedroom studio + am putting together some live shows!