FLOTUS face-off: What was in that Tiffany & Co box?

The internet officially lost the plot over the weekend when photos surfaced of Melania Trump handing former FLOTUS Michelle Obama an iconic little blue box. 

Not only were people in hysterics over the notably awkward moment between the two, but the question on everyone's lips remained: What exactly was in that Tiffany & Co. box? 


The rumor mill went into overdrive on Twitter, with people speculating what might be in the mystery box - an S.O.S note or a copy of Michelle's speech. 

If we had to guess, the most obvious item would be a fancy photo frame, which Tiffany sell for a cool £430 to almost £600.


Coincidentally, the Fifth Avenue Tiffany & Co. store just so happens to neighbour Trump Tower, and was also Tiffany Trump's namesake. 

Regardless of what was actually in the box, the best part of the exchange was Michelle's priceless reaction. 

Photo credit: ABC News and CNN