Fergie's video for 'M.I.L.F $' celebrates mums

Regardless of whether Fergie’s new music video for 'M.I.L.F. $' is beneficial for mothers or women generally, there is one thing that is certain – the video celebrates diversity.

fergieFergie has definitely made a comeback with this latest video reaching a whopping 32 million views in little more than a week.

The song reclaims the colloquial acronym, using the term to mean 'moms I'd like to follow'. Fergie, herself a mum to two-year-old Axl, says that the video is about empowering mothers. She does this by featuring a number of celebrity mums who seemingly have it all.

What Fergie has done, though, is more than just empower mothers; she has also embraced diversity in body image and in race – all through the wide-ranging group of women she chose to feature in the video.

'M.I.L.F $' showcases women of all different shapes and sizes. From runway models like Alessandra Ambrosio and Gemma Ward, to bodacious beauties like Kim Kardashian and Tara Lynn, to glowing new mum Chrissy Teigen, the video demonstrates that there is more than one beautiful body type.  

chrissy teigenTiegen also breastfeeds her two-month old baby, Luna, in the video – seemingly commenting on the debate around breastfeeding in public. 

Seeing women of all different shapes embrace their body is definitely a plus for a society which has nearly always idealised a particular body shape. We should, as 'M.I.L.F $' encourages, embrace the fact that women naturally have different body types. We should not try to fit ourselves to an ideal (which may even be unattainable for us).

Fergie tells us that no matter what kind of body shape we have, we are attractive. It would have been great to see a broader range of body types in the video, but Fergie has certainly taken the first step into making body acceptance a reality in popular culture.fergieCriticise it if you must, but in my eyes, 'M.I.L.F $' is saying that we should recognise people for who they are. In particular, we should celebrate mothers for being just that. 

Check it out:

Images: Billboard.com and Maxim.com