Coffee + Beer = Black Dog Brewery's Brewtus!

Oh no, Junk Free Juners, look away – now! Black Dog Brewery has teamed up with Havana Coffee to create Brewtus; a coffee stout as part of their new experimental range. As you have probably already relayed in your head, coffee + beer = one of the greatest concoctions, ever!? Two guilty pleasures hugging in a bottle, resulting in something interesting and innovating for beer drinkers. Or, something that non-beer drinkers may even be inclined to slurp!

It’s a Friday afternoon and you’re needing an end of the week pick-me-up, a little energy boost, but also crave the comforting clink of a "Cheers". Brewtus coffee stout is the answer, the perfect alternative to the daily ‘Cup of Joe’.

Black Dog can be traced back to the growing craft beer scene in New Zealand, experimenting and producing unique brews. Along with it, Havana Coffee sources the locally grown Bolivian Coffee beans which are crushed before being brewed with the beer and incorporated into the silky-stout Brewtus beverage, complementing the beer. According to experienced beer-guzzlers, the beer is best consumed with a slab of chocolate cake on hand, or a hearty stew.

Black Dog’s experimental range will consist of two limited edition brews that are only available for three months at a time – so be sure to get in quick. One will be a collaboration with a creative local and the other, an award-winning, pedigree-worthy Black Dog brew. These will all be available nation-wide, so no access is not an excuse to refrain from yourself from testing these local gems out!