Bowie's Constellation: Ziggy Stardust's key to the universe

990 (1) Not settling for just stardust, David Bowie strikes again! In honour of the late superstar alien himself, scientists have registered a constellation to Bowie in the shape of the infamous lightning bolt that covered his iconic 1973 Aladdin Sane album. The out-of-this-world idea came a week after the artist’s death was announced. Referring to his various albums and references to space, the team at MIRA Public Observatory chose seven stars to tribute Bowie’s supernatural creative energy all of which appropriately sit in the vicinity of mars - paying homage to Bowie's hit single 'Life on Mars'. Fans can also add their favourite songs with a short message to Bowie's constellation by using Google Sky as part of the Stardust for Bowie tribute project. Looking up into the night sky has never been so inspiring. Words by Georgina Bidois