Beyoncé shares never-before-seen footage in new video

The opening lines of Beyoncé's 2015 hit, 'Die With You', read much like a string of heartfelt vows shared during a wedding. How fitting, then, that the songstress celebrated her ninth year as Mrs. Carter by releasing an adorable new music video filled with never-before-seen footage documenting Bey and Jay Z's relationship. 

From getting matching 'IV' tattoos on their ring fingers, through to sharing a quiet moment in the delivery room before Blue Ivy was born, the video shines the spotlight on the power couple's notoriously private life. The best part? Jay-Z proves once again he's the ultimate Instagram husband as the majority of the footage shared was filmed by none other than Hove himself. 

Each segment of the 'Die With You' video helps to narrate the song, starting off as a love song to Bey's soulmate, then becoming an open letter to her daughter Blue, before transforming into a promise to her unborn twins, due later this year. 

If that wasn't enough, Beyoncé also shared a new playlist, 'IV EVER EVER', dedicated solely to her beau. The customised playlist included tracks most romantic and symbolic of their nine-year relationship, from the likes of Sade, Coldplay, Migos and more. 

Check out the teaser from her Instagram below, or view the Tidal-exclusive video here


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