Attention budding photographers! Get ahead with this Photography Summer School at Kingsize Studios

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.46.12 AMEver wondered how we find the amazing photographers who shoot for Remix magazine and go on to do incredible work? The main way is that they submit work for our regular Platform shoot, which gives several pages of each issue to an up-and-coming photographer. In all instances the photographers in our Platform shoots have been accepted based on a recommendation from Kingsize Studios, the heart of fashion and advertising photography in New Zealand for the last 15 years. Now Kingsize Studios are giving aspiring photographers the chance to gain some skills from the best in the business, to prepare them for what is a tough and competitive industry. The one-week intensive programme will have participants immersed in the art and craft of photography. Young photographers will learn theory and technique and have the opportunity to put what they learn into practise with daily assignments. Students will be introduced to different aspects of photography and leave with the tools to continue learning, as well as a portfolio of great images. Students will be shooting everyday in studio and on location, getting hands-on experience with a variety of technical equipment and different scenarios, so that they will be able make great images with professional cameras and industry-standard studio lighting equipment. They will also learn how to use natural light and if they want to learn about film cameras and photography we will coach them through these techniques. This programme supplements Year 11, 12 & 13 Photography programmes perfectly or as a stand-alone week for teenagers who are not studying photography at school. It’s also ideal for school leavers considering a career in photography or those needing to work on their portfolios. There course runs from  Mon 5 - Fri 9 Jan and is only $475 per week. Visit Kingsize Studios online for more information.