Art of Remembrance: Take home your own Max Gimblett artwork

If  you happened to drive along Khyber Pass Road in Auckland over the past three months, you would've noticed the amazing installation of brass quatrefoils at St David's church. The project, named Art of Remembrance was launched on ANZAC Day this year at St David’s Church on Khyber Pass Road to provide New Zealanders a new way to remember and give tribute to the soldiers and nurses that served abroad in WWI. The globally unique art installation, created by Max Gimblett - one of New Zealand’s most celebrated artists, was inspired by the ceramic poppies at The Tower of London and comprised of thousands of individual ‘solid’ brass, quatrefoil-shaped artworks, each the size of a soldiers’ hand outstretched. Now that the three month instillation has come to an end, the work is up for grabs to those that would like something their own special piece of the memorial and their own Max Gimblett piece of art. The individual quatrefoil artworks are being sold for $100 a pop, with proceeds made from sales going to the Friends of St David's Trust - a registered charity dedicated to the preservation of the Soldiers’ Memorial Church. Each brass Remembrance artwork features one of seven, screen-printed Max Gimblett designs, and being brass and individually baked, every piece is subtly different from the next. The artworks are available to buy online here and are selling across New Zealand and overseas.