Did Adele just confirm her last tour, ever?!

We're currently as heartbroken as we felt listening to her ballads of broken love... Adele has confirmed that her Wembley tour will most likely be her last. 

The singer gave reference to her decision of leaving touring behind with a handwritten note found throughout the tour programme. Throughout the letter, she states that touring doesn't suit her particularly well, as she is such a homebody. Adele is known to speak of her nerves and insecurity of stepping out on stage and her vulnerability when being away from her family whilst on tour. However, her performance shows no signs of nerves but rather empowerment and authenticity, leaving audience member's overwhelmed with emotion. 


Her last four shows will leave her with an overall 123 performances, understandably giving reason to why she has burned the candle at both ends.

She further expresses throughout the letter, "I only ever did this tour for you and to hopefully have an impact on you the way that some of my favourite artists have had on me live." 

Adele, being the homebody she is, wanted her last shows to be in London as she is unsure on whether she will ever tour again, and London is home.

The singer told her Wembley crowd that she is looking forward to: "smoking fags and drinking whisky" after her final tour date this Sunday. However, her main priority is motherhood. Despite her expression of love and thanks to her fans and their endless support, she explained her longing for a private life away from the limelight. 
After her record-breaking shows here in New Zealand, she definitely went out with a bang. For those of use lucky enough to see her perform live in the flesh, we know it is something that touched us for the rest of our life, just as it did for her. 
 We will miss you, Adele!

Image Credits: Business Insider, Sky News