13 valuable life lessons Friends taught us

The one where they all get back together is fast approaching - in seven days...

- YouTube

From the group that embodies what it means to be “squad goals" - Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica and Joey (and Gunther!) - are back together for the reunion of all reunions. Airing on May 27th via HBO the reunion special will feature that famous Central Perk couch, those iconic purple apartment walls and of course hairdos that shaped a generation.

In a homage to possibly, if not the greatest tv show of all time, Remix raises a glass (virtually through the power of this article) to the friends that got us through breakups, lonely nights, happy nights, family Christmases and everything in between, because let’s face it, it’s the least we could do. 

As a gift from us to you, we take a look back at the show’s most iconic outfits, songs (we’re talking about you smelly cat) friendship conundrums, what they taught us and of course the budding debate that has fuelled household arguments for nearly 20 years, were they really on a break? 

With one red sock, Rachel taught us the power of separating our whites from colours, and of course how to stick it to the man in the laundromat. 

Chandler taught us that breakups mean it’s time for the “good” ice cream. 

Joey taught us that no matter how bad you are at your passion, keep chasing your dreams.

Phoebe gave us the gift of song, multiple times, and taught us to never take life too seriously (and to never look after baby rats.) 

Monica taught us the greatest life lesson of all. To bring a whistle to a sample sale. 

Joey and Chandler defined the word bromance and constantly contradicted masculine stereotypes, one crying hug at a time.

The girl gang taught us to always make up with each other after silly fights.

Ross taught us all how to move house. 

Rachel's hair floored the beauty industry. 

Multiultiple times. 

Chandler and Joey taught us what to do if we get stung by a jellyfish.

Ross taught us what Palaeontology is. 

Through all the cleaning, weddings, almost weddings, high rise jeans, cups of coffee, Italian boyfriends ( hi paolo), triplets and everything else that happened in those 10 seasons of pure brilliance. They taught us all the importance of friendship and the need to keep them close. Stay tuned for where it will stream in NZ.

So go forth, check on your friends and get them over on May 27th for a likely teary reunion.