Veronica B and The Chandler's fun and furry candle collab

IMG_7639 Why is it that candle makers only think to cater for French millionaire spinsters, with their incredibly overpriced wax creations and impossible to pronounce scents. Or candles that bear a similar fragrance to toilet spray, have gimmicky names such as 'Sunrise Pleasure', and resemble a Britney Spears' perfume bottle. Why is there no medium? All we want is a candle that is visually appealing, has nose-pleasing scents, and is well made without the hefty price tag. Well, that seems to be a far-fetched wish... Until now. Introducing Veronica B's newest collaboration with The Chandler. For those who don't know Veronica B jewellery (I'm not judging but I am mustering my most disapproving gaze in your direction) is New Zealand's very own answer to a one-stop-shop for all on-trend accessories. Seriously, if you don't know, now you know (go visit). The Chandler, as you probably guessed, or if you haven't, once again I'm mustering my most disapproving gaze in your direction, is a boutique candle maker, found and run by Damon Allonby. After working part time as a candle maker while at school, Allonby has now set up his own candle shop in the hopes to please those with a penchant for well composed, classically aesthetic candles. While he has incredibly successful offerings already, this venture with Veronica B jewellery is something quite special. Pony fur covered candles, filled with his luscious hand made wax, completed with fine details of gold chains and stud accents. Really, I can't think of anything better to adorn my dressing table, night stand, bathroom, mantle piece, window sill, ah, you get the picture - I want them all. P.S The Chandler also offers a bespoke service, where he fills any vessel you deem appropriate with your chosen scented wax. Yes, you read right. A vase, a gumboot. Turn anything into a candle. You're welcome. Words by Lauren Matilda Matthews.