The 30-Day Lipstick Challenge Day 11

Luxurious Living LipstickRevlon Luxurious Living Lipstick in ‘Orange Flip 70’ $28.50
So I’m not sure if I might’ve got one from a bad batch, but this lippie doesn’t quite live up to its name, or the reputation of its brand. Although it certainly looks luxurious in its glam gold case, the product itself leaves a lot to be desired. The marketing promises ‘luxuriously velvety texture’, but mine is actually a bit grainy when it goes on. I’m also not a huge fan of the mumsy scent – it smells like one of the lipsticks I used to steal from my Mum’s collection and smear all over my face when I was a toddler. You know the smell. On a more positive note, the colour is great – the shade I’m wearing today is a fiery orange, and it has stayed on pretty well all day. In fact, I haven’t reapplied at all and it has that worn-in look that I’m quite enjoying now. All in all, this one is merely average and I know that Revlon do better products. I’ll try a different one in a few days.
Staying Power: 6/10
Colour Intensity: 6/10
Moisture: 6/10
Disclaimer: I couldn't actually find a pic of this particular lipstick in this particular shade, but this is from the same collection.