Tame your mane this summer with Joico’s Youthlock Range

The summer season is in full swing, and although we’re basking in its glory, sometimes our hair tends to get the brunt of it and needs that little extra help to stay hydrated and protected. This is where Joico’s newest range comes in handy.

A transformative collagen collection that recaptures and sustains youthful bounce, shine and manageability while giving your hair a hefty health boost, the Joico Youthlock Range injects that ’beautiful inside and out’ energy into your locks. 


This four-piece range is strengthening, softening and saving our summer strands quicker than we can say ‘split ends’, with the hero ingredient collagen acting as the main character in your hair journey. 


Ensure the last of your stresses are your tresses with Joico’s jumbo-packed hair hero.