How to smell like boozy brunch during Dry July!

It's no secret that us millennials really really like a boozy brunch. The best cure for a hangover, we can confirm, is cocktails and eggs benedict. With Dry July looming, we're not entirely sure how we are going to cope without our 11am mimosas, hangover or not. But lucky for us, the best booze-inspired invention since rosé gummy bears has just hit our radar...

All-natural deodorant company, Native, has just taken our brunch addiction to the next level - the next level being our armpits - with their 'Brunch Scents' set! The set includes, naturally, a mimosa flavour, sangria scent, and, as if we couldn't get enough of it, a rosé scent! We're not quite sure if we want our armpits to smell like wine, but we are definitely willing to give it a try!

Aside from the novelty, Native's deodorant is awesome! Their all natural formulas contain no parabens or aluminium (goodbye, armpit stains!), and instead are packed with coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, jojoba and vitamin E, as well as natural oil scents which smell almost exactly like the real deal brunch beverages they are named after. Also, these babies work for a whole 24-hours, so they won't just take you through brunch; rosé all day, we say!!

Photo: Native 

This super-cute box set of Brunch Scents is so popular, it's currently sold out, but you still reaaaally want to smell like mimosas, you can sign up for the waitlist. In the meantime, we do hope Native considers a mulled wine scent to give us that fireside feeling the whole way through the winter...

Feature image: Instagram @theroyalpaddo