How to get rid of your resting grumpy face

No one likes to be accused of having resting bit*h face, but praise be, there's a new solution.

Rumoured to be the secret to Kate Middleton's ever-pleasant face, the three-point procedure popular in the UK is now available in Auckland.

Clinic42’s Happy Face procedure (aka the three point procedure) is perfect for patients in their late 30’s to 40’s who show mild to moderate signs of ageing in the lower face.

How does it work?

It levels out any early formations of ‘grumpy looking expressions’. 

“First achieved by Mexican Plastic Surgeon, Frank Rosengaus, this technique involves eradicating early jowl and grumpy frown formations, with dermal filler, which is caused over time from both some jawbone loss and downward movement of the fat pads in the cheek area,” says Dr Ellen Selkon, Clinic42 Partner.


Clinic42, are taking it one step further, by also removing that grumpy frown with some botulinum toxin in the forehead - leaving you with a happy face!


How long does it last?
The effects of the dermal filler in the lower face should last 6-12 months and the botulinum toxin in the frown approximately 4 months.


Gaining popularity worldwide, this is a sure way to bring back your youthful and Happy Face.

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