Rodney Wayne Spring/Summer 2012

Rodney Wayne is celebrating what it means to be a woman with its spring/summer 2012 campaign, Mothers. Daughters. Sisters.Recognising the enduring relationships between mums and their daughters all over New Zealand, creative director Richard Kavanagh styled three portraits of iconic fashion faces that capture the spirit of the Rodney Wayne girl. Model mother Brigette Berger and daughter Lily Montana Griffiths, model Esther Cronin and her mother Sarah, as well as fashion sisters Cait and Sarah Kneller embrace beauty of all ages. Richard spoke to us about Mothers. Daughters. Sisters. and the exciting new offer for women visiting Rodney Wayne. Remix: Was there a moment of inspiration for the new Rodney Wayne campaign? If so what was it? Or else how did you come upon this idea? Richard: Rodney Wayne is New Zealand’s heritage hair fashion brand and it was looking back and within that made us realise what is important to us. Rodney started the brand with a vision to bring fashion-forward hairstyling to the women of New Zealand. It’s with this in mind and the fact we have been looking after women of all ages that we decided to focus on mothers, daughters and sisters. Remix: Break it down for us, why is the Mothers. Daughters. Sisters. concept so significant for Rodney Wayne? Richard: It’s all about women indulging in quality time with each other. It’s kind of like that secret women's business that has been happening for generations. We realise that spending time together with the women you love is harder and harder in today's fast-paced world. We wanted to create a campaign that celebrates women and their relationships with each other by rewarding them with an opportunity to indulge in some genuine pampering. Remix: The hair styles you chose to showcase in the campaign are diverse and accessible, yet also on trend. Why is this important for Rodney Wayne? Richard: By showcasing three very different pairs I was able to create six different hairstyles and colour combinations. This season the key hair trend is diversity. We have been servicing over 5000 New Zealand women a week for more than thirty years. These women come from all over the country and from all walks of life. It's very important for our campaign to highlight the fact that we are strongly connected to global fashion and hair trends, but that we also have the ability to translate those key trends into accessible looks for all women. Remix: Tell us about your choice of models? Richard: We wanted to showcase New Zealand women, real mothers and daughters, actual sisters. The aim of this campaign has been to invite women to spend time together. So we cast two beautiful women and their daughters and two gorgeous sisters. Our two mothers were both top New Zealand models and have a strong connection to Rodney Wayne from the early days. Esther, Sarah's pink-ended glamorous young daughter, featured in our first campaign and was a natural choice because of her beautiful hair. Brigette Berger and her daughter Lily Montana are both extremely chic and in many ways very similar to each other. Then Cait is one of New Zealand's rising fashion stars. She has since relocated to Paris to pursue her international modelling career, while her raspberry red-head sister Sarah is at high school in Auckland. Remix: You are offering something special from November to February at Rodney Wayne to tie in with the campaign, tell us about this. Richard: We are offering a fantastic opportunity for women to indulge in a bit of shared pampering. During the promotion period any client coming in for a paid service can bring in their mother, daughter or sister (even sistah!) for a complimentary shampoo, relaxing scalp massage and finishing service. They will be pampered with a high tea style experience during their service and then have the opportunity to go into the draw to win one of 300 goodie bags. Someone from every salon in the country will win at least one of these goody bags each month. The goodie bags contain a high tea experience, fragrance set, chocolates and champagne. So get set to not only share some pampering, but also have the chance to win a truly magical experience to share with someone you love... [gallery link="file" ids="1454,1455,1456,1457"]