Pureology Spend Fifth Birthday Helping our Beaches

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.11.12 am To mark the fifth anniversary of Pureology in New Zealand last year, the eco-conscious brand furthers their commitment to environmental causes by announcing a partnership with New Zealand’s Sustainable Coastlines programme. Sustainable Coastlines work non-stop to arrange coastal clean up events, education programmes, public awareness campaigns and riparian planting projects throughout the country. The work that Sustainable Coastlines does, with both clean ups and education, ensures our beaches and waterways are protected for the enjoyment of future generations. Last year alone, their team and volunteers removed 1,015,884 litres of rubbish from Kiwi coastlines. With both brands sharing the same goal of reducing human environmental impact, the partnership between Sustainable Coastlines and Pureology is a perfect synergy. $1 from purchases of Sustainable Coastlines- stickered Pureology bottles will be going straight to the charity. The donations will be used to help fund education events and clean up days that keep our coastlines beautiful. ‘For someone like Pureology to be leading the way in the recyclability of their packaging and post-consumer recycled content is great. One thing that people don’t make the connection with often enough is that our product choices on land affect the health of our coastlines and the health of our oceans – Pureology understands that and that’s why there’s an alignment between us,’ says Sustainable Coastlines general manager Camden Howitt. Pureology was created in California in 2001 with the first ZeroSulphate formula, as the first 100% vegan range to provide ultimate colour care. The haircare bottles are 100% recyclable and are made from 50% post- consumer recycled material. Right from day one the brand has placed a serious emphasis on environmentally friendly initiatives internationally. To have a look at their range head here or click here for their Facebook page.