Kylie Jenner shares her 34-step beauty regime

Kylie Jenner has quickly become one of the most talked about names in the world of beauty after launching her uber-successful Kylie Cosmetics in 2016. Her iconic lip kits are now a staple in any makeup addicts collection, and the brand has enjoyed unwavering popularity.

Some new mothers opt to cut down their beauty regime to the bare basics because, being a mother is pretty time consuming and everything. But not our makeup empress Kylie. She hasn’t let her mummy duties get in the way of her pristine routine and it definitely hasn’t made it any less pedantic. Every step is necessary to achieve Kylie's flawless aesthetic we all know and love.

In a recent beauty tutorial she shared with Vogue she showcases her 34-step beauty routine. Yes, that’s right. 34 steps. She also discusses when she’ll let Stormi wear makeup, how she and Kim K love each other’s brands and when her love of makeup started. Watch the video below for the full details on how to achieve Kylie’s enviable complexion and exclusive chit chat from Kylie. 

Kylie's beauty routine Images from Pinterest