Jakob Carter and Stan Walker launch their 'Human' fragrance

No stranger to broadening his horizons with singing, acting and book writing all under his belt, celebrated Maori icon, Stan Walker, recently announced his latest passion project. Stepping into the olfactory world, Stan most recently collaborated with designer Jakob Carter to curate a luxurious new men’s fragrance, Human. 

Jakob Carter has been creating tantalizing fragrances for some time but this is his first collaborative venture with another creative. ‘Human’ by Jakob Carter, in collaboration with Stan Walker, is a bold and empowering scent in a 50ml bottle that demands to be on display. Featuring top notes of bergamot and grapefruit, heart notes of apple, strawberry, geranium and orange flower and base notes of dry amber, patchouli, tree moss and tonka bean. 

Jakob Carter explains: “The idea behind Human was that life is a journey of growth. Representing both the good and bad in our journeys, the struggles and also the beauty of our world. Human is about being you, embracing not just the good but also the bad, reminding others that it’s ok not to be ok, we are all human and we all struggle!”

Remix had a chat with Stan Walker to discuss the process behind this fragrance and what it means to him. Here is what he had to say...


What made you want to collaborate with Jakob Carter?

“I was approached by Jakob with the possibility of doing a collab fragrance and it had been something I’d been wanting to do for years - I just never thought it would actually happen. Now it has and I feel bloody cool lol.”

What is the inspiration behind 'Human'?

The name 'Human' is the title of one of my recent songs. It’s a song about a conversation between two brothers and the state of our mental health. The name 'Human' is what connects us all at the end of the day. “So, I thought it would be perfect to name the fragrance after that and what it means - the humaneness in us all.” As for the smell, it's the ultimate blend of sweet, earthy, warm smells that I love in both male & female fragrances. It kind of meets in the middle in its own unique way.

What does this fragrance mean to you?

“It means I’m at the point in my life and career where I’m living the dream of dreams. I feel like the coolest, most uncool person ever, lol.” It's sophisticated and grown in so many ways.

How would you describe this fragrance?

Sexy, sleek, classy, yum, for everyone, earthy and sweet.