Is it time to stop shaving?

Did you know: If you added up the total amount of time we spent shaving each year it would equal an entire day?

That’s one entire day we could spend hanging out with friends, reading a book or doing just about anything else.

Enter, Caci and their laser hair removal programme. To get us spick-and-span in time for summer, Caci has a special offer: Treat two areas for the price of one! In addition, Caci offer a personalised 12-month treatment plan, so you can schedule your treatments, and payments across the year. Plus they have a hair-free guarantee to boot (terms are explained during your consultation), and estimate an 80% reduction in hair to ditch those stubborn strands.

Personalised service, regular treatments, easy payment options and a summer sans unwanted fluff? Yes please!

This offer is available only until the 31st of October. Call Caci on 0800 458 458 to book your complimentary consultation. More info here.