How to protect your skin against premature ageing this Summer...

If there’s one product you should wear daily, it’s sunscreen. So here are your best weapons against premature ageing this summer… 

Now that Summer is here, it’s time to start upping your sun protection factor game. To be honest, you should be wearing some form of protection all-year-round, but it’s particularly important in the months where we spend long periods outdoors. So luckily for us, innovations in the SPF space mean that the days of greasy, pore-clogging sunscreens with telltale white smears are a thing of the past. 


The next generation of sunscreens not only rid of these common annoyances, they even impart some additional benefits, like the Hawaiin Tropic Duo Defence range. Featuring Hawaiian Tropic Duo Defence Lotion and Hawaiian Tropic Duo Defence Face Lotion, these multi-tasking formulas feature Protective Anti-Pollution layers, to help prevent premature ageing from the sun and pollution. 

The lightweight, moisturising formulas create luminosity, while also defending the skin with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, with SPF50+ to boot. These silky, non-greasy lotions go on smoothly and smell just like you’re on the shore of a tropical island, so there really is no reason not to give your skin the protection it needs. And we’d even go as to say, these formulas will make you look forward to applying sunscreen this summer. Better safe than sorry, we say. 

Both the Hawaiian Tropic Duo Defence Lotion and Hawaiian Tropic Duo Defence Face Lotion are dermatologically tested and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.