Hawaiian Tropic is our Silky Skin Saviour this Summer

As much as we are blessed to be in Aotearoa, we are no strangers to the harsh UV rays that beam over New Zealand throughout the Summer. Although this doesn’t mean we should be afraid to show our skin this summer, it does mean that slathering up in sunscreen is a must! We’ve all had those moments (admit it, just a few!) when the thought of slathering on thick, greasy sunblock feels counterintuitive to our tanning routine. But is the tan really worth leaving the beach sporting a crispy sunburn? So what’s a sun-worshipper to do? Cue the upbeat ukulele tunes and the tropical taste of coconut, because we've got the solution. 

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Hawaiian Tropic Mineral Zinc is a non-greasy silky sun protector that contains mineral actives, ensuring comprehensive UVA and UVB protection while remaining gentle on sensitive skin. It's super versatile and suitable for both face and body, and an added bonus? It won't clog your pores (*internal screams of joy!). 

Set apart from other sunscreens on the market, Hawaiian Tropic Mineral Zinc is infused with island-inspired botanicals, providing 12 hours of moisturization for skin that truly loves the sun. Dermatologically tested, it's a trusted choice for your skin and the environment. Encased in recycled packaging, this Australian-made, cruelty-free, PETA-certified sunscreen is the perfect addition to your summer beach bag.