Everything you need to know about coconuts and why they are natures wonder ingredient.

In the world of modern skincare, where new trends and ingredients constantly fight for attention, it's refreshing to return to nature's age-old remedies. One ingredient that has captivated the hearts of generations past and present is pure coconut oil - a gift from the South Pacific that is praised for its softening, healing, and protective properties. 

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Derived from the kernels of fresh coconuts through a meticulous cold-pressed method, Pure Virgin Coconut Oil stands as a testament to preserving the natural nutrients locked within. As an ingredient, its low molecular weight ensures that it penetrates the skin deeply, enriching the skin with moisture. It is also rich in Vitamin E and an array of fatty acids, including lauric acid, myristic acid, and capric acid, giving it remarkable anti-fungal, anti-oxidizing, and anti-bacterial properties.

The benefits of Coconut Oil extend far beyond its nourishing properties. It holds the potential to firm, tone, and heal the skin, making it a trusted companion in any beauty regimen. For those grappling with persistent clogged pores, this versatile oil acts as an unclogging agent, perfect for those with congested skin. Embracing the past while redefining the future, the history of coconut oil is as rich as the oil itself. Revered in Pacific Island culture for generations, the significance of coconuts piqued the curiosity of Pure Fiji founders.

Traditional methods of extracting and storing the oil, usually in recycled soft drink bottles with a leaf cork sold at the markets, the oil had a very brief shelf life - long enough for the immediate needs of a typical family but not long enough to be marketable. However, the pursuit of progress led to a breakthrough solution that required no heat and yielded pure, crystal-clear, and sweet-smelling coconut oil, known as DME (direct micro expelling), just hours after harvesting the nuts.

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Thanks to this innovative process, Pure Fiji now bases all their products on virgin coconut oil, harnessing its inherent benefits to craft an exceptional line of skincare products. Not only has this revolutionized the beauty industry, but it has also revitalized coconut plantations in rural communities, rekindling the age-old skills associated with their care and maintenance.