Fierce and feminine: D&M’s dramatic new campaign ‘The Sisters’

The Sisters 01 D&M Culture, art and music directly influence fashion and beauty trends and vice versa, that’s always been the case. This year, the further rise of the confident woman takes front seat, strongly influencing the beauty industry. From Rihanna’s tough girl sexuality to Queen B’s superiority, there has never been a time when being a bad, sexual and powerful woman has been more on trend. Leather meets lace, femininity clashes with domination, women are on top. Hair champions D&M are at the forefront of the fierce woman fashion trend, setting the standards very high. Their latest campaign ‘The Sisters’ is an ode to the ladies. The badass rock stars, the likes of Joan Jett and Debbie Harry, meet mysterious and mythical women. Think The Craft and babe’n Film Noir villains. Shot by Mara Sommer and styled by Danny Pato, Michael Sisaengrath, Sam Choi and Jess Ishak of D&M, the campaign features sexy mullets, tousled fringes, unnatural statement foils and modernized beehives teamed with outfits of body constraints, buckles and pearls. ‘Danny's vision was that of a powerful and mysterious woman,’ co-art director Theresa Frankovich says of the campaign. And how true that is. Plaits remind us of whips, fringes are messing around- full, blunt and tough. The campaign features something for every badass bitch. Afros are kept big, thick hair is piled high, the grey is kept short and thin hair is swept behind the ear to create a whispy finish. Want to see these fierce photos in all their glory? Check them out in the D&M window right now at 5 Redmond Street, Ponsonby, Auckland. Click here to visit D&M online. Words by Isabella van Heusden. [gallery link="file" ids="4459,4460,4461,4462,4463,4464,4465,4466,4467"]