An intimate evening with the creator of Osmosis Skincare

Skincare is a difficult one. It's hard for us to count how many times we've been down the beauty aisle at the supermarket fishing for the new best product, in-and-out of make-up stores after products fail or searching the web for DIY face masks. 

The majority of us, however, have the same problem. We don't understand what our face needs or that when we breakout, it's not our body telling us it hates us, it's our bodies way of telling us something is unbalanced. 

This is why we are so excited to announce the founder and formulator of Osmosis Skincare, Ben Johnson, is holding an intimate evening here in Auckland for the first time ever this Tuesday evening.  Mr Johnson will be sharing with us all the secrets of holistic beauty and wellness. For so many of us, this will answer many skincare questions that have been confusing us for years. AKA - what really is the best way to treat those annoying zits when it's that time of the month?!

Osmosis Skincare, for those who are unsure, is founded in America and is fast becoming the most sought after cosmeceutical line in New Zealand. From makeup to advanced skincare- it is free of parabens, is plant based and uses more active ingredients per serum than any other line in the world. Osmosis' absorption rate is actually 10 times better than virtually any other skin care range! 

Osmosis believes in internal wellness, treating the condition from the inside out, with no nasties. Even the make-up is treating your skin whilst wearing it- meaning it's safe to wear to bed if you had to. 

After using Osmosis for almost two years now, here is a list of my favourite products: 

DIM capsules: This is a natural supplement that free's our body of all the estrogenic toxins in the body that come from the environment such as soy, food preservatives, pesticides and chlorine as well as restoring natural hormone levels. With a super easy method of one pill a day- DIM is your bodies daily detox in a bottle. 

Skin perfection: This is a harmonised water (a water containing vibrational frequencies) that combats acne, rosacea and digestive problems all in one. It really is magic in a bottle. This is just one of the many harmonised waters Osmosis offers; proving why this is truly, advanced Skincare. 

Purify: This enzyme cleanser is infused with sweet orange and essential lemon oils that leaves the skin with a naturally clean feeling. It's perfect for all skin types and in particular acne-prone skin. Trust me- once you try this cleanser, you won't use anything else.

Clear Plus: This is an activating hydration mist filled with active ingredients that soothes and nourishes the skin. This is the third step in any Osmosis skin care routine; first you cleanse, then apply serum(s), and then apply your clear spray. However, this can be used on its own to give your skin a refreshing pick me up through the day. 

The 'Intimate night with Ben Johnson' will be held this Tuesday 20th September from 6-8pm at the James centre (18 Stanley Street, Parnell, Auckland). Complete with wine, nibbles and amazing goodie bags; this is a night that your skin will thank you for the next morning!

You can purchase tickets here.