Ageless Beauty: Potential Has No Age with SHISEIDO’s Revamped VITAL PERFECTION Line

During a recent deep dive into her approach to beauty as she heads into her forties, forever-luminous SHISEIDO Global Brand Ambassador, Anne Hathaway says, “Beauty is definitely something that comes from within,” and if her recent significant red-carpet appearances are anything to go by, her glow-up just gets brighter year upon year.

The Oscar-winning actress stars in SHISEIDO’s most recent campaign for its VITAL PERFECTION line, which features an array of luxurious, high-performing products that restore youthful health, radiance, and vibrancy to the skin. “I love that the VITAL PERFECTION has been created to work harmoniously with the body. VITAL PERFECTION is based on research that taps into the same networks that encourage the flow of nutrients to nourish skin and ensures it looks its best, working efficiently and naturally with the body, giving the best possible skincare results.”

“I’ve always admired the philosophy of VITAL PERFECTION, how it combines simple elegance, complex tradition and knowledge gained over time in such a balanced and nuanced way.” said Hathaway.

A brand that’s been synonymous with the highest quality skin solutions for many generations, SHISEIDO is also always looking to the future, and its innovation and technology are second to none.


The revamped VITAL PERFECTION line is strengthened by the Invisible Nutrient Network to reawaken skin’s revitalizing power. This network is the key to improving sagging, deep wrinkles and dark spots. Combined with a new formula and powered by SafflowerRED™, it helps to reawaken the skin’s revitalizing power for a youthful look. Safflower is the official flower of Yamagata and has been used to create clothing and cosmetics for high-ranking officials for centuries, but the luxury skincare brand elevates it to a whole new level. Shiseido’s SafflowerRED™ technology signifies a groundbreaking leap in skincare, to boost multiple age-defying effects by giving you a lifting, firming, and brightening look to your skin promoting radiant and resilient skin. Accompanying SafflowerRED™ is ReNeuraRED Technology™ powered by The Lifeblood™ for fast beauty revitalization of the skin. ReNeuraRED Technology™ speeds up the skin revitalizing process to resolve multiple signs of aging more effectively to the skin. Additionally, it helps the skin’s revitalization effects last longer.


Key ingredients featured in the formulas of the range are Ziziphus Jujuba Fruit Extract, which helps to improve elasticity and firmness while also addressing hyperpigmentation. Burnet Extract to activate muscular cells and strengthen facial muscles, and the likes of Panax Ginseng Root Extract for optimal lymphatic function. As well as Mogami Flower Extract, which is grown in Mogami in the Yamagata prefecture in Japan and prized for its antioxidant properties and as the key to beautiful skin. Harnessing the potent power of these Japanese botanical extracts, the creams work to strengthen the skin’s Invisible Nutrient Network, which works on replenishing the barrier in the epidermis. 

The VITAL PERFECTION line’s three creams include The Uplifting and Firming Advanced Cream, Uplifting and Firming Advanced Cream Soft and Concentrated Supreme Cream. Available in elegant 50ml refillable jars. All three were created to target lines, wrinkles and dark spots, with the Supreme Cream also providing significant sculpting benefits for those for whom sagging, and a loss of volume is increasingly an issue. Like the luminous Hathaway, SHISEIDO VITAL PERFECTION reveals your glow at any age.


SHISEIDO is a prestige brand that represents the Shiseido Group. SHISEIDO offers skincare, make-up, sun care and fragrance products in 88 countries and regions of the world. SHISEIDO strives to bring out the beauty of every individual, regardless of gender, age, nationality or any other personal attribute. As a global prestige brand with roots in Tokyo’s Ginza district, Shiseido expects that SHISEIDO, loved by people around the world, will continue to grow.