These will be the next four big makeup trends

Consider yourself a bit of a rulebreaker when it comes to makeup? M.A.C Cosmetic’s half-yearly, highly anticipated beauty forecast speaks to the beauty rebel in all of us.

Last week, we sat down with the experts in makeup artistry to get the inside scoop on the backstage beauty secrets and key trends for the forthcoming season. Hint: there’s something for everyone.

‘It’s a 2020 vibe’

This year, according to M.A.C, artists have stepped back from a conceptual approach to makeup and shifted toward a direct and practical conversation around what makeup really does.

So what does makeup *really* do? You can call it frivolous, but after a year that’s been anything but, makeup – even just leaving the house with mascara – has been a welcome reprieve from an otherwise colourless year. What’s interesting is how the trends we see on the runway at fall/winter fashion weeks often reflect how we’re feeling in society. When everything feels heavy, we see pops of colour. So it’s no surprise the makeup trends coming through are mood-lifters. From a shimmer eye to add some much-needed sparkle to your day to the confidence-boosting power of a bold, red lip, it’s a real #2020 mood.

Trend #1: Accessorised

Think “more is more” but not as you know it – instead with careful consideration. It’s experimental artistry featuring all-out-adornment from disco crystals to chandelier-like facial jewellery. But, make no mistake: it’s couture not festival cliché. “These details are being designed in a very complementary way so that they don’t overwhelm the face, they enhance it,” explains Chantel Miller, M.A.C senior artist. This is makeup that reminds you what makeup is all about: creativity. It’s not self-indulgent or consciously trying to be artistic. The detail dominates and artistry is everything.

Accessorised makeup trends

Trend #2: Classic

Calling all Ruby Woo die-hards – in this trend, the tried-and-true reigns supreme. The lip trend we were seeing everywhere was taking it right back to basics, hence the classic red lip was awash on the runways. Perhaps a timely reminder of its power in times of weakness. The classic trend digs deeper into what a simple black eye or red lip can project, after all nothing makes you feel as quickly ‘put-together’ as a polished crimson lip.

classic makeup looks

Trend #3: Shaded

Who knew neutral could look so chic? Put simply, this trend elevates typically plain and dirty shades transforming them into polished and contemporary. Whether hazed into an organic halo around the eyes, feathered onto lips or buffed into the cheeks, it’s all about placement. “it’s all very chic, very monochrome, finished and elevated,” says MAC artist Lynsey Alexander.

neutral makeup looks

Trend #4: Glossy

While glossy skin isn’t necessarily a new trend, expect to see it manifested in different ways. Makeup artists continually explore the art of bringing light to the face through various textures like gloss, gleam, balm, pearl and shimmer. This time around, it’s not the product bringing the trend to life but vice versa. New from MAC, enter Strobe Face Glaze: the staple to mastering the glossy trend. “It delivers the finish of humid skin with more luxury to it – it’s basically that perfect sheen texture that makeup artists have been having to custom-mix for years” explains MAC artist Lynsey Alexander.

glossy makeup looks