This new architectural venture could solve homelessness

A creative agency in America have proposed a brilliant idea to address the homelessness issue that they face in New York City. When trying to come up with the idea and how to tackle the issue the agency had to keep in mind the scarcity of space within the bustling metropolitan. 

Framlab has proposed the clever idea of parasitic pods that simply are attached to exterior sides of already existing buildings. Designed to take a hexagonal shape, each little pod would serve to accommodate one person to maintain their privacy and safety. The interiors would be crafted from plywood and 3D printed bioplastics and would be fitted out with a bed, storage and bench while other designated pods would serve solely as a bathroom facility. 

The push for the idea has resulted from a 40% rise of homeless people in the city since 2012 and the agency have cleverly used vertical space due to the alternative issue of lack of available land in the city.

Here in New Zealand it is reported that we have the worst homelessness rating in the OECD with more than 40,000 people homeless, 24,000 of those are in Auckland. Perhaps this is an idea that our own Auckland City could be looking into as our own homelessness situation continues to worsen.

(Images from Dezeen)