Grand Seiko: The Nature of Time

From the snow-capped mountains of Mount Fuji, to the delicate cherry blossoms of Tokyo, Grand Sieko watches bring the unrivalled beauty of Japan to life - each piece an exquisite take on a whimsical Japanese vista. Impressive in both form and function, the watchmaker’s designs are the embodiment of understated elegance and exquisite craftsmanship. Boasting innovative tech that ensures industry-leading accuracy, alongside striking designs, the entire range earns plaudits from horological connoisseurs and novices alike.

The Remix team, a mix of the former and the latter, put these timepieces to the test. Here’s which came up trumps:



Seeking a mix of both looks and performance, he was instantly impressed by the SLGC001 - one of the watchmaker’s most recent iterations. Emblematic of the next generation of Grand Seiko sports watches, this beauty packs a punch with a power reserve of 72 hours - driven by the Tentagraph: the longest-running 10-beat chronograph on the market. The design is a sight to behold too, blending time-honoured and contemporary elements to craft a timepiece for the most discerning amongst us. “I was super impressed by the beauty of this particular watch, but it was the performance that really stood out to me. I love the fact that this is a watch for using - not just looking good, which of course it does - perfect for everything from gigs to travel, and all of the day-to-day in between.”


For our Editor-In-Chief, the choice was an obvious one. “Immediately the STGK023 jumped out at me - the diamond-adorned face paired with the subtly-patterned pale blue is so stunning, “It’s so effortless when worn too, you’d barely know you had it on if the sparkling diamonds didn’t keep catching your eye!” she swooned. As practical as it is captivating, this timepiece pays homage to the brand's rich heritage - embracing a sleek, modern form while taking inspiration from traditional Japanese materials.



A robust but still-whimsical design, the SBGH271 was Monique’s perfect match. This particular timepiece fuses a classic stainless case with a mesmerising green dial inspired by the lushness of early summer, but it’s not just the design that appealed to our resident watch-lover, “The incredible engineering behind this piece really captured my attention, said Monique. “There’s something about the movement of the watch that makes it so impressive - it’s uniquely smooth and has a sophisticated feel,” she finished. 



Our social guru Phoebe opted for the classic charm of the SBGX347. “The SBGX347 reminds me of the beautiful timepieces you’d see on actresses in the 90s, but with a modern twist. The slim design makes for an effortlessly chic piece that I could see myself loving for years to come,” she said. Designed by award-winning craftsman Nobuhiro Kosugi, this watch is a masterclass in timeless simplicity - exemplifying the brand's philosophy of ‘The Nature of Time’ by capturing the beauty of understated aesthetics. 



The SBGA413’s patterned face inspired by the delicate cherry blossoms of spring drew Nina in. “I love that Grand Sieko watches all have a story behind them, and that the designs are meaningful. With the SBGA413, the opalescent pattern instantly caught my eye, and when paired with the classic stainless bracelet, it’s a watch for the ages” said Nina. A modern reinterpretation of the brand’s 1967 masterpiece, the ‘62GS’, this timeless piece is sure to endure. 


Grand Seiko is available at Partridge Jewellers.