Would you go to a sloth sleepover?

Could nature’s most notoriously chilled-out mammal be the newest addition to your next sleepover? An animal rescue centre in Oregon is now offering guests the chance to swap chocolate and chick flicks for a unique night’s stay among dozens of sloths.

The Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center Sloth Sleepover is available to eight guests per night, and provides possibly the most up-close and personal sloth experience on the market.  For $750 NZD a ticket you can cosy up in a two-person tent, indulge in an hour-long Q&A with a staff member, kit yourself out in an “I slept with a sloth” T-shirt, hand feed and play with sloths, and observe 12 hours of behaviour during their most active time of day.

To protect the gentle sloths from trauma, a strict set of rules apply. Guests are asked to be “extraordinarily calm, quiet and respectful”. Photos are permitted (think of the snap stories!) but no videos, and this is a strictly library-voice occasion. No perfume or other strong odours are allowed, and neither is alcohol.

The Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center is focused on protecting endangered and delicate species predominantly through education so some profits from the sleepover go towards helping two wild sloth protection programs.

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