Saddle Up for Luxury: Lexus Urban Polo Returns to Auckland

Much like how New Zealand's trendsetters eagerly mark August for Fashion Week, the late summer season brings polo into the social spotlight. At Remix, our anticipation peaks as we enthusiastically encircle March 9th on the calendar, which heralds the return of the Lexus Urban Polo to Auckland. Following on from the success of Christchurch’s inaugural event in February, Auckland’s match returns to The Domain this Saturday. As the country's only international polo series, the champagne extravaganza sees a wide range of guests gather in the heart of the city to witness a contemporary spin on traditional polo.

Image via Lexus.

Dubbed the sport of kings, mounted nomads in Central Asia first played a version of polo that was part sport, part training for combat. With as many as 100 men on a side, the game followed the nomads’ migration to Persia around 600 B.C and 100 A.D. The version of polo we see today originated in Manipur, India. The first official club, The Silchar Polo Club was founded in 1859 by British military officers and tea planters. From India, polo spread as wide and as fast as its fans could travel. 

One of the most in-demand events of the season, Lexus Urban Polo presents its own version of the game, f3polo or fast3polo. The match is played on a smaller field for better visibility and the game itself is faster. Women and men also play side by side in this exciting variation of the sport. For those attending for the first time, the rules are simplified, which helps if you are more inclined to spend your day with a glass in hand mingling amongst the fashion crowd but still want to keep a finger on the pulse.

Image via Lexus of New Zealand.

Polo can be viewed as the ultimate status symbol, the perfect excuse to gather your fanciest friends for a photo op. Lexus Urban Polo is perfect for this, it’s also perfect for simply rounding up your best mates and heading out for an action-packed day of laughs. Aside from the thrill of horses, guests can meet the players, check out an epic lineup of DJs and immerse themselves in a series of exciting activations. The Lexus relay is not to be missed – two luxury vehicles will be parked on the polo field, and two teams (on horseback) will race around each car in a bid to win.

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This year, guests will also be given the opportunity to admire Lexus’s brand-new model, Lexus LBX. The most attainable vehicle for the brand yet, LBX is a hybrid electric crossover designed to feel luxurious yet accessible. Ideal for zipping around the CBD for meetings, the LBX is powered by a highly efficient 1.5-litre inline three-cylinder hybrid powertrain delivering both responsive performance and outstanding fuel economy.

Image via Lexus. 

Secure your spot for this year’s Lexus Urban Polo on the link below, please note all events are R18 and run from midday to 8 pm on Saturday, March 9th. PURCHASE TICKETS HERE.


*Historical information referenced in this article has been sourced from Museum of Polo, Historic UK and Britannica.