It’s roasted: These are NZ's best coffee roasters

Four seasons per year people all around the world give praises to the trinity. Not the Christian one either. This caffeine-infused trinity is at the core of espresso: crema, body and heart. These three components are what give espresso coffee its multi-dimensional taste. When the three are one, there is very little that us mere mortals can do but stand in awe of their beauty. 

Espresso coffee is the fuel that makes much of the world go round. Here in New Zealand, we can now say that we are a legitimate contender for some of the worlds’ best coffee. Much of this ascendency is due to the amazing coffee roasters we have in our two biggest centres: Auckland and Wellington. The role of the coffee roaster is to take coffee beans and, through their own patented formulas and processes, turn these nuggets of flavour into complex aromatic blends.

The following is not a ranking but more of a playlist featuring some of the most beloved roasters in the Country:


After 24 years in the coffee business, Supreme has done it all. The Wellington roaster has won coffee awards for roasting and for barista craft, expanded overseas and now has taken control of its own growing operation. The Red and White branding is easily recognisable and synonymous with great, quality coffee. Coffee Supreme boasts an array of different roasts for filter to espresso including its ever popular Limited Espresso Blend.


The famous brown and gold cups are as iconic as the name printed on them. Allpress coffee is Auckland’s premiere roaster. What started as an inspired tour of Portland during its ‘80’s coffee boom, Michael Allpress designed the first espresso coffee cart system in New Zealand. After 31 years in business the Allpress Coffee has expanded its reach to as far as the UK and Japan.


The capital has always laid claim to being the art and food capital of New Zealand. It only makes sense that another Wellywood roaster makes this list. In classic kiwi fashion Flight Coffee started as an idea in a garage as a way of doing things better. Make sure to try their impressive Bomber blend for those who love deep flavoursome espresso.



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Rounding off our list is none other than the aptly named Havana Coffee Works which found its beginnings on Wellington’s famous Cuba Street. Since 1989 the Wellingtonians have fraternised with ‘Cuban Communists’ to bring some of the best coffee beans to New Zealand. Their dedication has not been unrewarded either, having cemented themselves as one of the best roasters in the country. For those who love food with their coffee (probably everyone) Best Ugly Bagels on Sale Street serve Havana’s signature espresso roast all day long.