New Zealand Adventuring: Five Kiwis see how much they can get through in one weekend

The waiting for the weekend game is something most of us play weekly, but do we really make the most of our precious two days off? Over the past couple of days, five Kiwis decided to put themselves to the test - and see exactly how much was really accomplishable in one weekend...

Video edit by BroPro Friday afternoon was spent loading up the Land Rover ahead of our epic adventure weekend. First on the list was leaving Auckland to head to Raglan for a sunset surf, which turned out to be one of the best sunsets we have ever seen, filled with bright orange sun glistening across the Raglan waves. Ragland sunset After an hour's sleep, we were back in the Landy and headed towards the Tongariro Crossing. We shot through to National Park to arrive at the base of the Central Plateau, our aim to be at the Emerald Lakes for sunrise. With headlamps on full, we scaled the rock and two and a half hours later, we made it with enough time to cook pancakes before sunrise. It was a surreal experience to be in such a vast, rough environment, while watching the sun rise up from over the distant clouds. The mountains lit up as if they were on fire and slow-rising steam, coming out from the thermal vents, danced in a glow. It was an unforgettable sunrise and experience. tongariro crossing After a quick nap in Ohakune, we drove up the alpine road to the base of the Turoa Skifield. It's a beautiful drive no matter the season. During Summer, the road is pretty much unused and the 19kms of downhill makes for great biking. Rotorua was set as our third destination, where we hit the redwoods for some more serious mountain biking in the beautiful Whakarewarewa Redwood Forest. landy-4 After an actionpacked final day, we were finished with our adventure weekend. We piled back into the Land Rover and sailed off into the sunset, back to the big city life and some proper sleep. Check out the rest of our epic photos: Surfing Raglan Ragland Surf landy-10 tongariro crossing tongariro crossing landy-5-2 tongariro crossing tongariro crossing tongariro crossing landy-6 landy-7