Meet Rob Tennent of the self-love movement

Self-love doesn't just happen at the flick of a switch, it's a journey. An unknown road that is often riddled with potholes, speed bumps and peak-hour traffic that stops you dead in your tracks. We're not all there yet, it takes time. But hearing how others love themselves can be a helping hand in the right direction. This liberating new decade see's Converse on a mission to spread self-love through helpful reminders and people's personal stories, much like Rob's below.


Really, truly, loving himself in all his uniqueness, is something Rob Tennent quietly practices every day. We asked Rob to self-direct his own photoshoot in a way that let's the things he love's about himself shine through, then we sat down with the fluid fashion symbol to get real about accepting what makes him different.


“Through fashion I really learnt to love myself and accept myself. It was more of an act of rebellion when I started wearing womenswear… I just felt a lot more confident in it. Now I can do Fashion Week and womenswear campaigns and be the only guy, which I absolutely love. It teaches me and reminds me how confident I actually am in clothes that make me feel good. I love that Converse is reminding people to love themselves…  

 “When I accept myself, I feel powerful and unstoppable… the only Instagram like that you need at the end of the day, is yours.”