Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the world’s chicest flip phone

Prepare to snap your phones shut New Zealand, Samsung has answered our flip-phone-deprived cries by unveiling the all-new Galaxy Z Flip.

If you’re keeping up to date with the latest in tech, it’s likely you’ve caught wind of the revolutionary smart flip phone launched in San Francisco last month, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. If not, then allow us to get you up to speed with the latest must-have accessory for the modern yo-pro…


Unlike the flip phone you were sporting in 2008, the Galaxy Z Flip has all the luxuries you can expect from the usual smartphones, with added features that will make your teen self’s jaw drop to the floor. There are, and we cannot stress this enough, a very long list of such features. So I’ve taken the liberty of trying to outline the most important ones below. 


In this day and age, the need to work remotely is growing exponentially, and as a result, so too is the importance of having a large screen. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip sports a huge 6.7-inch screen, but unlike other smartphones, it also has the luxury of being able to fold into the size of your wallet so you can easily fit it in your pocket or trendy tiny bag. 

To meet the demands of the rising popularity of social media, and in true Samsung style, the camera once again takes centre stage in their latest model. The phone packs a 10 MP selfie camera, for starters, which to sum it up in non-technical terms, is seriously impressive, but here’s the best part… Because the phone folds, you can also capture your perfect selfie on the external screen, which has a whopping 12MP camera. So, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future.


If you’re here for the photography capabilities, the good news is the features don’t even stop there. No one to take your photos? No problem. With this multi-tasking flip phone there really is no need for a tripod, simply unfold halfway, place on a flat surface and you’re good to go. It truly is the form factor that keeps on giving, and the brand is calling it “free stop folding hinge” which means that you can open it at any angle and it won’t slam shut. 


It also has all the other cool gadgets you can expect from the smartphone powerhouse, including but not limited to adaptive fast charge capabilities, seamless viewing on foldable glass, multi-active window, and honestly, so much more, you can read up on all the specs here. It’s also available in two chic shades, Mirror Black and Mirror Purple. 

The Galaxy Z Flip is the phone for those who want to walk the upper echelons of style, but don’t want to compromise on form or function either. Designed with cutting edge technology, all built with never before seen foldable glass that makes for unparalleled convenience. By any standard, this is about to change the way we use our phones, and it’s nice to relive the nostalgia of flipping off the haters on your shiny new flip phone, while also being able to use Houseparty, too.