The collaborative dining institution that feeds the soul, mind and belly.

What happens when one of New Zealand’s best, internationally acclaimed chefs returns home and blends his love for culinary fusion, local produce and community? A collaborative dining institution that feeds the soul, mind and belly. 

Peter Gordon, and his partner Alistair Carruthers, have amalgamated to curate one of Auckland's most cultivated dining spots, Homeland. More than just a restaurant serving phenomenal food, it’s also a cooking school, innovation hub, film studio and venue for unique events.The one-of-a-kind space is a celebration of creativity and culture, with food at the helm. 

Homeland has a strong ethos when it comes to running their business, fuelled by the notion, “with your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.” Through creating the food embassy, Homeland is dedicated to New Zealand producers, which means buying local and encouraging their customers to do the same. 

Remix was lucky enough to experience everything Homeland has to offer. Most recently, the team participated in an exclusive ‘mystery box’ cooking challenge in collaboration with Chatham Island Food Co. 

Chatham IsIand Food Co prides itself on sourcing responsible, high-quality seafood. The Chatham Islands sit at the edge of a rare carbon sink, where warm tropical currents from the north mix with cold sub-Antarctic waters from the south, fostering a unique species of aquamarine life. These nutrient-rich waters support vast phytoplankton fields – food for fish in a thriving marine ecosystem.

It’s not everyday you are placed in a professional kitchen with the country's best kaimoana on offer and have the freedom to create any dish you desire. Attendees had the likes of blue cod, crayfish, paua and kina at their fingertips, all sourced from the Chatham Islands, alongside fresh produce. Of course, the assistance of the man himself, Peter Gordon, was a welcome mentor too. 

The real-life MasterChef-style competition saw Remix’s Portia and Jono, and a professional food stylist and recipe curator (thankfully), come together to create a three-course menu. The dishes included paua fennel linguine and wasabi crayfish on homemade cornbread, with the pasta taking out first place, judged by Delwyn and Gigi from Chatham Island’s Food Co. 

With the show-stopper added to the team’s repertoire, it can now be recreated precisely thanks to the Chatham Island Food Co’s home delivery service, which consists of all the seafood on offer from the unique and bountiful fishery.

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