Five places to get your Hot Chocolate fix this Winter

Rain and wind aside, Winter does come with its perks. There's nothing better than exploring cafes longingly searching for the warmth and satisfaction a sip of warm hot chocolate brings to the soul. We've scoured the town, with a few trial and errors, to find our top five soul-reviving hot chocolates. Perfect for a much-needed catch up with a friend, or a good read. From orange infused hot chocolate, to a rich, Belgium chocolate nectar, we have your Winter covered.

Winona Forever’s Dark Chocolate and Orange Hot Chocolate:
Even the most Kiwi among us have surely snacked on a true English Terry's Chocolate Orange, and if you haven't (what is wrong with you?), you have surely scoffed a bag of Jaffas. Imitating the likes of these flavours, Winona Forever's bustling Parnell Cafe are proud owners of their Orange Hot Chocolate, and so they should be. An innovative twist to the original Hot Chocolate, the beverage is served with a ball of chocolate on a stick, much like a lollipop, that you slowly stir as you pour in the silky milk, watching it melt into orange-chocolate goodness. Other indulgent hot chocolate flavours include White Chocolate and Coconut. The cravings are real...

Magnolia Kitchen's Hot Salted Caramel
Home of sugar and spice and all things nice, including the most decadent cakes, macarons, marshmallows and cupcakes, it's only fair that they serve amazing hot chocolates as well - and they do. Tucked away in Silverdale, Magnolia Kitchen is worth the drive - especially for its Hot Salted Caramel. Nothing beats a hot chocolate, except this. Created with homemade Salted Caramel, frothed milk, homemade vanilla bean marshmallow and a sprinkle of chocolate powder, you'll be addicted.

House of Chocolate's Belgium Hot Chocolate
It's time to move in, into Takapuna's House of Chocolate. Quality is in their nature, serving their hot chocolates with 53% liquid dark couverture chocolate. Lucky for us coffee addicts, they prepare their mochas the same way. Oh, and did we mention they also serve a Hot Chocolate Pudding? Famous for its ooey gooey centre, the dessert is drizzled with ganache and comes with a modest serving of berry compote and Kohu Road ice cream. Yum!

Deco Eatery's Whittakers Hot Chocolate
Whittakers is a New Zealand treasure, so what better way to put it to use than in a devilish warm drink? Drool! Deco Eatery offers Whittakers infused hot chocolates of dark chocolate, milk and even white for something extra sweet. If you are looking for something a little different, Deco Eatery also has a range of teas and coffees including Turkish coffee and Turkish apple tea to compliment its Mediterranean feel.

Dear Jervois' Unicorn Hot Chocolate
Just to add a little magic to the mix (as if hot chocolates aren't magical enough am I right?) Ponsonby's Dear Jervois is the beholder of Unicorn Hot Chocolate. This is no myth, this is real - and legendary may we add. Consisting of white chocolate, a dash of sprinkles and a rainbow twisted marshmallow as the unicorn's horn, you will not be able to help lighting up in childish delight when it is brought out to you. Go on, give it a go... we know you want to.

Image Credits: Yelp, directmap