Four cocktails that don't contain a week's worth of sugar

I’m a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to personal health. During the week I try my best to eat reasonably healthy and reduce my sugar intake, but yet, when it comes to the weekend I will happily consume enough glucose to sustain an adult rhinoceros without batting an eyelid. 

My vice? I just love a good cocktail, and while they’re God’s gift to this earth and my Friday night saviour, sadly, the majority come with a heavy pour of sugar and calories. 


If you’re like me, I’ve got some seriously good news in the form of premixed cocktails that taste as good (if not better than) the real thing, but unlike the real thing have no sugar, no gluten, no carbs, three of them are even vegan, and they’re all-natural, not even a sweetener to be seen or tasted.  So to put it in a nutshell, or in this case chic and did we mention COMPLETELY COMPOSTABLE packaging, they’ve gone and done what most people have thought was impossible. They’ve given us a way to indulge in a tasty bev, without us having to max out on our sugar intake within the space of an hour. 

Gone are the days of needing seventeen spirits, a lions share of syrups and elixirs, and rare garnishes to create a bar-worthy cocktail, Finery has done all the hard work for you, and in fact, all you need to do is sit back, relax and open a can. 


Here’s a rundown on the flavours… 

Grapefruit, Cucumber & Mint

Bittersweet Grapefruit, Bright, Minty Cucumber, Seven Times Distilled Vodka & Fancy Soda.

Ginger, Green Tea, Honey, Mint & Lemon

An Uplifting Combination, With A Aromatic Ginger Kick, Seven Times Distilled Vodka & Fancy Soda.

Vanilla & Elderflower

Sublime Elderflower, Creamy-sweet Vanilla, Seven Times Distilled Vodka & Fancy Soda.


Lemon Myrtle, Lime & Black Tea

Bracing Citrus, Delicately Bitterblack Tea, Seven Times Distilled Vodka & Fancy Soda.


To help you wrap your head around this sorcery, Remix chatted to co-founder Jane Allan. 


Why do you think people tend to ignore their usual health goals when it comes to drinking?

In generalised terms, our drinking consumption would start on a Friday night, rewarding ourselves after a busy week, who really wants to think about what is going in after a hard week right? The thought of I’ll just have one or two and it’ll be right comes to mind. Secondly, the knowledge of not knowing really what our drink is made up of and how it actually affects our body also comes into play.


How do you think Finery will help to combat this? 

We have made Finery as clean as possible, taking the raw whole food approach and transferring it to a beverage was high on our priority list. When you strip out sugars, preservatives and artificial sweeteners you are left with something fabulously clean & sensationally smooth. 


Personally I do not drink a lot at all, when I do drink I still want it to be a conscious choice though, which is why we developed such a refined product that you can have at home, it really gives a fabulous option to those that still enjoy a drink but like to keep a balanced healthy lifestyle.


In support of portion control and not over-consuming, you can only purchase our range in a four-pack, we think that is plenty for one person, and the fabulous part of this is our slimline can is a legal single serve of alcohol, so it’s easy to monitor your own consumption and of macros for those following a nutritional plan. 


For those wanting to jazz up their Finery’s a bit, what’s your favourite mix and garnish?

My favourite changes, I must say I have to keep at least one of each in the fridge and it’s all about the weather and my mood for the flavour I go with.


My all-time favourite is Ginger, Green Tea, Honey Mint & Lemon this was my take on a classic Moscow mule, I have been known to dress this up in a highball glass, a large sprig of rosemary, float some blueberries, crush a couple in and a lovely squeeze of lemon with the rind left ontop, I love the smell of squeezed citrus on the nose.


Do you still treat yourself to a sugary cocktail every now and then? What’s your go-to if so?

Now that would be telling! But…. my absolute hands-down go-to for a night out is an Espresso Martini or two :) 


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