Experience the new Allpress x HARIO Japan coffee collab

When world-renowned coffee roasters, Allpress, collaborate with the Japanese King of Glass, HARIO Japan, you know you’re in for a treat made in design heaven. Beginning as a manufacturer of heatproof laboratory glassware in 1921, HARIO perfected and released the now iconic V60 in 2005. Named for its conical ‘V’ shape at a 60º angle, the V60 took the specialty coffee world by storm, giving brewers unprecedented control over the brewing process. The coffee professionals’ go-to, it’s the first stop when baristas come to experiment and perfect coffee flavour.

This aesthetically aware collab introduces a new iteration of the iconic V60 adorned with a unique design. Inspired by the jade tiles of Allpress’ Tokyo roastery, this is the very first brand collaboration the Japanese artisans have done. Made in Japan exclusively for Allpress, this is a particularly exciting collab with an extremely limited number of these V60s produced — they won’t be available for long. A coffee industry icon, the V60’s unique conical shape and raised spiral ridges extract remarkable flavour, making it the go-to coffee brewer for the world’s leading baristas. Slow down and appreciate the beautiful flavour and timeless craftsmanship of this unique coffee tool.


A slow, gravity-driven brewing process that gently extracts nuanced flavour into your cup, filter is a unique way of experiencing specialty coffee. Taking Allpress’ bright, fruity and sessionable Good Brew roasted to highlight juicy berry flavours, this coffee is our go-to for lazy Saturdays around the kitchen table. 



25g (about 5tbsp) of freshly ground coffee

400ml of boiled water

Pour over dripper

Filter papers

Your favourite mug/server



Scoop your ground coffee into your Hario Filter Coffee Cone lined with its filter paper and slowly pour water directly onto the bed of coffee. As the coffee brews through to the server, continue to pour slowly in small circles, covering the coffee grinds evenly until all the water has been poured. Let it filter through to your server and enjoy!