Want a Kim K behind without all the squats?

Over the past few years we've all wanted a Kardashian like derrière - but without plastic surgery, a great squat routine, or amazing genetics it was looking like it was never going to happen. Luckily for us, Levi's have brought out their new 'Wedgie' jean.

The thought of a wedgie generally sends us back to the thought of the schoolyard bully but we promise this is the kind of wedgie you're going to want. Levi's Wedgie jeans are going to show off your best ass-ets (even if you're slightly lacking in that department) by cinching in your waist and lifting your bum.

They even come in three colours so you can have a pair for any kind of jeans-acceptable occasion. We cannot wait to get our little butts into these jeans so we can pretend that they're actually quite the opposite.