The Remix team’s favourite looks from Prada’s Fall Winter 24 menswear collection

Prada’s Fall/Winter 2024-2025 men's show delivered a unique ambiance, with a section of the floor undergoing a remarkable transformation, blending the aesthetics of an office setting with the serenity of a natural landscape.

The entrance to the show featured office cubicles in a vibrant blue hue, offering the perfect photo opportunity for guests of the runway. Within these cubicles, computer screens illuminated with the distinctive signage of the Italian fashion house, while black swivel chairs sat in front of them.

The scene was as typical as any conventional corporate setting, yet the revelation occurred once the guests had reached the main room. In this space, the familiar rotating chairs were arranged along a glass runway suspended above a serene and natural setting. Titled, “Human Nature”, Prada vividly showcased the contrast between the corporate world and the natural environment.

Tim's favourite look 


"I love the innovative approach to the classic men’s suit. The combination of the big, boxy blazer and those white and yellow strappy mules really makes the look unique.”

Nina's favourite look

“I love the pop of purple in these tailored trousers, especially when complemented by a timeless turtleneck. It’s a refreshing twist to the conventional office-wear look! I also love that statement belt, it really elevates the whole aesthetic.”

Phoebe's favourite look

“I love the subtle pink of the set beneath the statement coat! It reminds me of a pair of designer silk pyjamas, now fit for the office. The coat is timeless and I think the combo of the headwear and the statement shoulder bag pulls this office attire together perfectly.”

Monique's favourite look 


“I am obsessed with the current grandpa core trend, and I feel like the cardigan in this look really brings this trend onto the runway. I also love the conductor hat and those pants, especially with that shade of pink for contrast.”

Amber's favourite look 


"Oh, it was the statement swimming cap for me. Especially when paired with the sophisticated design of this knee-length, high collar slender coat. The vibrant red accent underneath added a touch of drama - a look that was both edgy and uniformed. Love to see it, Raf!"

Georgia's favourite look


I love the simplicity of this look, and my affinity for big bomber jackets remains forever. This aesthetic is so classic and clean and just made even cooler with those glasses - they look like goggles and I’m here for it.”