Street Style Gallery: Falls Festival 2018

If there’s anything we’ve learnt from the festival season, it's that styles come and go, but glitter is here to stay. In a changing tide of trends and styles, festivals are a safe haven for the creative and the ethereal to take centre stage. They’re a time to do away with normality, to embrace the fun and the whimsical.

With festival season upon us, it’s key to draw on other’s experiences (both good and bad) before making our own choices. It can be easy to get lost amongst the frill, bum bags and glitter, but the golden rules remain: come prepared for all weather, don't care too much about what other's think, bring the essentials, and go all in.

With Australasia leading the way with summer festivals, we’ve also gotten pretty good at dressing ourselves to suit. Take a look at some of our favourite looks from The Falls Festival in Lorne.


Imagery courtesy of Kirsty Umback (