PIA’s Space Invader Inspiration

We love the crew at PIA and the fresh releases of garments that designer Pia Naera introduces each month both online and in her Parnell store. Having recently dropped ‘Boutique’ from the label name, PIA is continuing the journey into unfamiliar territory with some bold and beautiful new designs this month. In the first of the PIA Autumn releases in store now, we couldn’t help but notice some of the seriously striking prints inspired by ‘90s childhood games like Tetris, Pac Man, Space Shooters and Space Invader! Check out what we mean in the gallery below. Also new for PIA is the use of darker colours in some of the garments; stunning blues, pitch blacks, and overcast greys have been introduced into the colour palette.  This is a first… Pia has gone on record to say black is a colour she never wanted to work with! Breathe easy though PIA fans; you’ll still see PIA's iconic use of colour throughout this collection. The release maintains PIA's true design features and icons, such as new frill tops and frill dresses.  PIA has also developed some new garment concepts such as the oversized T-Shirt dressPIA top, and black wrap skirt. As always, all the PIA garments are designed and made right here in New Zealand. If you want to see the full collection, then head over to the online store here, or like PIA on Facebook for all the latest updates. They’re super social too, so get amongst the blog here and Instagram here. Or pop into the store at 317 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland and say ‘Hi’ to Pia herself, she’s a pretty rad chick. 55 - Tangerine Sparkle Frill Dress - $240.00 49 - Miss Glow Geneva - $299.00 46 - Glow Oversized Cuff Dress - $159.00 28 - Neon Impression Frill Dress - $199.00 19 - Basically Invaded Tee- $120.00 05 - Tangerine Ballerina Skirt - $165.00